Garner could see tax hike to maintain fire service

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — The Raleigh Fire Department plans to pull support from the town of Garner starting in July which leaves Garner with two possible options — raising taxes or facing increases wait times for service and increase insurance rates.
Every year Garner receives 5,000 calls for service, however, 20 percent of those calls overlap with one another.
Garner Fire Department Chief, Matt Poole, says the department has been able to rely on its back-up engine in these situations to cover the other 84 square miles of the town. The town is able to have a backup engine due to Raleigh’s support during structure fires.
But, in July, that will change.
Raleigh Fire Department Chief, John McGrath, says every time Raleigh Fire offers an engine to Garner it leaves the southern part of Raleigh unattended. He says this compromises the level of service the department can offer its own tax-paying citizens in Raleigh.

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