Franklinton couple mourns dog slain during break-in

FRANKLINTON, N.C. (WNCN) — When someone broke into Jim and Jamie Pearce’s home in Franklinton they took more than belongings from the couple — they also took their beloved pup, Hank.
CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS OF HANK.The country house the two share was Jim Pearce’s great-great-grandfather’s home. The two lived alone, with just their two cats and Hank.
“We got Hank as a very small puppy, and we have no kids at this point, and we raised Hank like our kid,” Pearce said. “We made mistakes. He made us mad at times. I compare it to raising a child, but he was one of us.”
Tuesday afternoon, someone broke into their home.
“I was at work, and I got a phone call from my mom that first of all she asked me if I was okay,” Jim Pearce said. “I could tell she wasn’t okay. She was very distraught. I could tell something else

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