Four Oaks councilman arrested outside Selma motel on weapons charges

SELMA, N.C. (WNCN) — A Four Oaks Town councilman has been arrested and charged with multiple weapons violations, according to the Selma Police Department.


Christopher Haley, 60, of Four Oaks faces one charge of alter/remove gun serial number and one charge of carrying a concealed weapon after he was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal while exiting the parking lot of a motel in Selma known for drug sales and prostitution, according to a police report.

The incident occurred June 23 around 10:45 p.m. after Haley left the parking lot of the Masters Inn.

The police report shows that the councilman pulled into the motel parking lot and then left four or five minutes later and failed to use his right turn signal as he left the property. Haley was pulled over because he had only been at the motel for a few minutes and then left without using a turn signal, which the officer found to be suspicious, the report shows.


After the officer activated his lights and sirens and pulled Haley over in the parking lot of the Quality Inn nearby, he approached the vehicle, told the him why he had pulled him over and then noticed that he was fidgeting and moving things on his passenger seat, the report states. The report shows that the officer asked Haley if he had anything illegal in the vehicle or if he had any firearms. The officer was told that he did not.

The officer then asked Haley if he could search his vehicle and Haley granted him permission.

Haley stepped out of his vehicle and that’s when the officer noticed what appeared to be the handle of a gun on his passenger seat, the report shows.

When Haley saw that the officer noticed the gun, he told him, “Oh yeah, there is a gun in the car. I’m sorry,” according to the report. The officer then retrieved the gun from the vehicle and noticed that it didn’t have a serial number on it and appeared to have sanding marks.

Nothing else was illegal was found in the vehicle and Haley was placed under arrest.

When asked why he was at the Masters Inn, Haley told the officer that he was going to pick up a girl who called and said she needed a ride home, according to the police report. Another officer on scene then searched Haley and found $1,000 cash in his pocket.

According to the report, the officer asked Haley why he was carrying so much cash in a high crime area. Haley said he wasn’t aware the area had a lot of crime.

Haley told the officer that he was nervous because he didn’t know why he had been pulled over. The officer then told the councilman that he was pulled over for the turn signal violation and that he had been arrested for altering the serial number on his gun as well as concealing it, the police report states. Haley then told the officer that he hadn’t altered the serial number but the numbers had worn off because he had been carrying the gun in his pocket for a decade.

Haley was then taken from the scene to the Selma Police Department. It was while he was in custody at the police department that Haley told the officer who he was.

“I got something to tell you, but you’re not going to believe me,” he said to the officer, according to the report. He then stated that he was an elected official for Four Oaks and was a council member there.

After paperwork was completed, Haley was taken to the Johnston County Jail and booked under a $20,000 secured bond.

Haley was previously convicted for carrying a concealed gun, according to police.

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