Florida mom arrested after leaving infant in 120-degree car seat

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A woman was arrested after leaving her infant in a car as she went inside the Hillsborough County Courthouse on Friday.
Tampa police said an off-duty Plant City officer was flagged down by concerned citizens when they noticed an infant left in an unattended vehicle.

The officer saw the infant sitting inside a black vehicle that was turned off. The infant was showing signs of distress, sweating and rubbing her eyes with a red face.
The officer gained access inside the vehicle and removed the baby from her car seat and placed her in his air-conditioned vehicle until Tampa Fire arrived.
Brandi Guggino, 23, returned to her vehicle. She said she didn’t take the infant inside because she was sleeping.
She said she went inside the courthouse to pay a fine, but didn’t expect it to take so long.
The infant was taken to Tampa General Hospital.
Tampa Fire Rescue took the temperature

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