Florida fifth-grader investigated for student kill list

TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. (WFLA) – As the bell sounded on Friday the 13th, something more than reading, writing and arithmetic unfolded at Lewis Elementary School.
According to Temple Terrace police, a fifth-grader maliciously poured an unknown substance into another student’s water bottle.
The victim came in from outside and took a drink from her water bottle, officials said. She told the teacher it tasted funny. The teacher told her to throw it out.
It wasn’t until days later that they found out what allegedly happened. According to investigators, another student informed the victim the suspect poured bleach in her water. Once it learned of the incident, the school district contacted police.
The victim’s mother said she has since learned the fifth-grader in question planned the incident for Friday the 13th. The victim’s mom also said the suspected fifth-grader has a kill list in a notebook.
The school district has removed the student in question while law

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