Fisherman hooks 3,000 lb. Great White Shark off SC coast

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WFLA) – If you are among those who admire the world’s largest predatory fish, you will want to hear a South Carolina man’s amazing tale – and he has an equally amazing photo to go with it.
Captain Chip Michalove hooked this 3,000 lb. Great White Shark off Hilton Head last Tuesday. Photo credit: Chip MichaloveCaptain Chip Michalove, 40, is the owner and operator of a fishing charter company in Hilton Head called Outcast Sport Fishing.
He became “hooked” on fishing at the young age of four, when his parents took him on his first charter fishing trip.
Since then, he has caught plenty of fish and has a passion for catching and releasing sharks – with emphasis on the “release.”
Michalove catches sharks and attaches an acoustic tag on them. He then releases the sharks back into the water. The tags stay on the shark for seven years.
Receivers are placed

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