First Take: Pizzeria Mercato in Carrboro for Italian and Pizza

Front of Pizzeria Mercato in Carrboro – NC Triangle DiningIf you’re looking for good pizza in the Triangle, there are a ton of great choices now! But one pizzeria that had eluded my greasy little grasp was Pizzeria Mercato out in Carrboro. Owned and run by Gabe Barker, Pizzeria Mercato’s location and popularity always had me trying to figure out a good time to visit. But eventually I found an excuse to head west on a Friday afternoon and decided to slip in for a late lunch visit! And it was a pretty impressive visit, read on if you’re hungry and curious, my friend!
Dining room at Pizzeria Mercato in Carrboro – NC Triangle DiningLocated on the western end of Weaver Street (away from the Market) , Pizzeria sits tidily on a street corner with a small side parking lot. I’ve heard it’s sometimes difficult to find parking in the hood so be aware during prime time dining hours! Inside, Pizzeria Mercato is bright and colorful. Polished concrete floor underneath, art on the walls and a bit of a hipster feel to the space. There’s an open kitchen to your left, main dining area to your right and a bright and

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