FBI seeking armed robbers after Lumberton bank hold up, shootout

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WNCN) — The FBI has stepped in to lead the hunt for four heavily armed men who put on masks and held up a Lumberton bank Tuesday afternoon, then escaped after a gunfight with police.


Each of the men wore a full-face mask, but several of them dressed up their disguises. One wore a red hat and black glasses. Another can be seen wearing sunglasses, and a third wore a fake beard.

In one photo, a robber points a gun over the bank counter, his finger poised alongside the trigger guard, but not on the trigger.

The robbers got away with cash, though authorities haven’t said how much. No one was hurt at the bank.

Shortly after the robbery, officers spotted the four in a gray Saturn and chased them. The men fired at officers several times, and at least one officer fired back, authorities have confirmed. Once the four got out to a rural area, they left the car one at a time and evaded the authorities’ search efforts.

Authorities said that because of the masks, long sleeves and gloves the men wore, investigators aren’t even sure what race they are. The men should be considered armed and dangerous, the FBI said.

EARLIER: Manhunt for 4 Lumberton bank robbers who shot at officers during chase

“It’s surreal, it makes you realize that all these things that you hear that happen in other places, can happen right here in your front yard,” said neighbor Bethany Herring.

Neighbors say officers had the area near their homes surrounded.

“There were just lots and lots of highway patrolmen, sheriff’s deputies,” said Herring.

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