Fayetteville gas station assault victim undergoes facial reconstructive surgery

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A 73-year-old man assaulted at a Fayetteville gas station on Feb. 7 underwent facial reconstructive surgery in Chapel Hill Thursday.

CBS North Carolina spoke with the victim’s son Thursday for an exclusive interview.

Leon Cummings Jr. says his father is not out of the woods yet.

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Leon Cummings Jr. said his father, Leon Cummings, did something he does almost every day – he stopped at a gas station to buy a pack of smokes.

Fayetteville police released this photo of the suspects.

Detectives with the Fayetteville Police Department are investigating an assault that happened at the Circle K gas station on Bragg Boulevard.

While at the Circle K on Bragg Boulevard, Cummings Jr. said his father was nearly hit by a car.

“He said that the vehicle nearly hit him and was blowing the horn at him,” Cummings Jr. said.

Cummings Jr. said his father got out of the way of the car just in time and the guy who nearly hit him got out of his car and that’s when the two started arguing.

“He says he turned around and that’s all he pretty much remembered,” Cummings Jr. said. “The only thing he says he remembers is waking up in the hospital.”

Cummings Jr. says his father is lucky to be alive.

“He was in a puddle of blood and he pretty much nearly suffocated on his own blood,” he said.

Cumming’s nose was crushed and his skull was fractured. Cummings Jr. says doctors tell him his father may need speech therapy too.

“You take it day by day and you hope and you pray that he gets better and you hope and pray that this person gets caught so he doesn’t do it again,” Cummings Jr. said.

The son says he wants justice for his father.

“The first thing you want is vengeance against this guy and it’s really not vengeance that needs to be taken on this guy,” Cummings Jr. said. “It’s justice. He needs to pay for what he’s done and through the judicial system hopefully this guy will serve some time once he gets caught.”

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