Family says they’re staying strong after Durham dad found dead in lake

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The family of a missing man, whose body police found earlier this week in Falls Lake, say they’re able to stay strong through one of the hardest times in their lives knowing their father’s love.

For about a month, April Adams and her family looked for her father 70-year-old Carl Adams.

The family posted fliers and searched throughout the area. Adams says one place she kept coming back to during the search is Falls Lake — where police eventually found her father’s body.

news-app-download-apple-350x50news-app-download-android-350x50 “It’s heartbreaking to think that I was this close to finding them,” she said.

Durham police also found the body of 35-year-old Tierra Mann in the lake. Mann and Adams had a child together.

Adams says even though it’s heartbreaking, she feels as if a weight is lifted off of her shoulders.

“It makes me feel at peace to know my dad died at a place where he loved to be,” she said.

Her father loved to fish and loved to be near water.

Adams says what her father loved most was his family and children.

“He showed me what a real man was, and what a real man should be,” she said.

Adams says that love stretched past just their family but into their entire community.

Just a couple weeks ago, dozens packed into a Durham church to show Adams and the rest of her family support in their time of need.

And now Adams says that love and support is how her family is getting through this difficult time.

“I want use that love, which I used during the searching of my father, for burying my father,” she said.

The family says there are still questions about how their father ended up in the lake, but right now they’re focused on saying goodbye to him.


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