Family and friends help in search for NC pair missing along coast

OAK ISLAND, N.C. (WECT) — As the Coast Guard continues its search for two missing boaters, friends and family of Steve Chaney and David Hambrick are organizing a search of their own.


Chaney and Hambrick left for a fishing trip on Sunday, and haven’t been seen since. Tangela Moss said the cousins were expected to return that night.

Moss, a family friend, is helping to organize the search.

“We’re gonna bring these guys home. We just need all the help we can to do that,” Moss said.

Moss said they are asking privately owned boats to assist in a coordinated search. She said they have started fundraising for fuel to supply to any volunteers.

“We have a lot of locals here who would love to help, but they may not have the money to buy fuel for the search so we already have that in place,” Moss said.

She added that they are organizing a beach sweep, hoping that any found debris could point them in the right direction.


“Oak Island has had emergency vehicles ride the beach, but we feel like with feet in the sand and eyes that close, it would help with any sign, any debris, anything,” she said.

Moss said that men on board the 22-foot fishing boat have a lot of heart, and the family refuses to give up hope until the men are found.

“If anyone can weather what he’s had to weather the past few days, and float hanging on to a cooler in the water through the storms, David Hambrick can. There’s no doubt in my mind,” Moss said. “We the friends and family that know him, this is what keeps us so positive. This is why his wife knows he is coming home to her.”

Anyone interested in helping with the search should email Moss at [email protected]

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