Ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza collapses on stage, dies

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nick Menza, former drummer for the influential metal band Megadeth, died after collapsing on stage during a performance of his progressive jazz trio in Southern California, a family spokesman said Sunday.
Menza’s latest band OHM was three songs into a semi-regular set at a Los Angeles-area club Saturday night when the drummer collapsed, J. Marshall Craig told The Associated Press. Friends and audience members rendered aid while paramedics were called.
The 51-year-old died at the club of a suspected massive heart attack, Craig said.
Menza was Megadeth’s longest-serving drummer, performing on five records over nine years, including 1990’s thrash metal landmark, “Rust In Peace.”
Dave Mustaine, singer, guitarist and co-founder of Megadeth, said in a statement that he awoke to a text message from his son with the news.
“Shocked, devastated, and saddened don’t begin to describe my feelings,” Mustaine said.
“As a player, Nick had a very powerful jazzy flair, unpredictable

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