Edgecombe County braces as Tar River rises

PINETOPS, N.C. (WNCN) — Edgecombe County is still under a state of emergency Thursday after this week’s heavy rains left some areas flooded and the Tar River has yet to crest, county officials said.
Public schools in the county are closed Thursday, officials said.
CLICK FOR MORE FLOODING IMAGESSeveral roads throughout the county are impassable and people on Bynum Farm Road, just outside Pinetops, have been evacuated due to flooding.
Waters have started to recede in Pinetops and Rocky Mount Thursday morning but towns like Princeville and Tarboro, who are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew, are preparing physically and mentally as the Tar River continues to rise.
“So far, we’ve not had any water,” said Tarboro resident Bonnie Mobley. “We’re just praying that we don’t get any, because everyone here is just paranoid.”
The Tar River has yet to reach its peak in Edgecombe County, officials said.
“It’s to the point where you want to break

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