Durham’s ‘can opener’ bridge still ripping tops off trucks, just at a lower rate

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Even with some significant upgrades, it was just two weeks ago another truck became the most recent victim of Durham’s “can opener” bridge.
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PHOTOS: ‘CAN OPENER’ BRIDGE IN DURHAMThe North Carolina Department of Transportation was hoping a yellow sign with the height of the bridge would be enough to warn drivers.
There was at least one crash happening every month, according to officials.
In May, crews installed an illuminated sign at Gregson and Peabody streets.
When a car over the 11 foot 8 inch height drives by a sensor, the words “overheight, must turn” lights up, also triggering a red light at the intersection.
DOT officials said while the new sign hasn’t eliminated the problem, the number of crashes has dropped to only four since May.
“It’s good to know that we’ve hopefully found a successful treatment to the problem. We kind

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