Durham school board deals with conflicting government opinions on HB2

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – On Thursday, Durham Public Schools officials discussed the difficult situation they and other school districts in North Carolina faces handling the conflicting state and federal government opinion’s on House Bill 2.
The state government says transgender students must use bathrooms associated with the gender they were born with. The federal government says the exact opposite.
“This was coming before us way before the ill-conceived House Bill 2 reared its ugly head,” said Durham Board of Education chair, Heidi Carter.
School board leaders looked for guidance on how to move forward legally.
“That’s where we’re in conflict. Are we best to most closely align with federal protections in a case and wait for this to play out in court?” said board member Natalie Beyer.
People in attendance got the chance to speak as well. Anita Keith-Foust told the school board enforcing HB2 in schools would be impossible without

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