Durham recount cost taxpayers $68K; $28K went to PR consultant

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A state-ordered recount of 94,000 ballots in Durham County cost the taxpayers nearly $70,000, according to figures released by county officials.
The North Carolina governor’s race was at the center of the recount, which made national headlines. Durham County spent $28,000 on a public relations consultant to deal with the added attention.
Kate Cosner with the Durham Board of Elections told CBS North Carolina that there were so many media requests to Durham County during the recount that the public information office couldn’t handle the influx. They hired the consultant in order to allow the county to focus attention where it needed to be.
Cosner said the Durham County Board of Elections made the decision with the approval of the Durham County manager and public information offices.
As for the actual recounting of the ballots, it took 67 employees more than 925 hours (cumulatively) to recount the ballots. That required

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