Durham man takes advantage of second chance, opens successful bakery

DURHAM N.C. (WNCN) – It’s rare that people get a second chance in life, but one man in Durham is taking advantage of his.
Keijuane Hester is the owner of Favor Desserts in Durham.
CLICK FOR MORE BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOSWhen you walk into the shop you can normally find a line of customers waiting to get a bite of his sweet treats, but you will not find Hester in the front. He will most likely be in the kitchen baking up his famous homemade cakes from scratch. However, Keijuane’s road to success did not start out so sweet.
“While I was in high school, I got off on the wrong track. I ended up selling drugs,” Hester said.
Hester admits he was caught up in the wrong crowd. Shortly after high school, he was locked up for four years. He says being in jail was what he needed to make a change.
“That was

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