Durham Confederate statue destruction cases delayed until 2018

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Nine people charged with helping to destroy a Durham Confederate monument on Aug. 14 had their cases continued to 2018.

In court Tuesday, the attorney for the defendants requested the cases be delayed until January.

The judge granted that request leaving most of the defendants to appear in court again on Jan. 11.

Loan Tran entered a plea deal Tuesday where he made no admission of responsibility in the case and will not have probation. Tran will have to pay $1,250 in restitution and $180 in court fees.

Tran will have a felony charge against her dropped once she completes 100 hours of community service with Triangle Volunteer and Leadership Service. That community service must be completed by March 26.

A misdemeanor charge of of damage to public property and defacing public monument will be dropped once fines are paid and community service is completed.


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