Duke’s New Year’s Resolutions

The Blue Devils’ soap opera non-conference season finally came to a close on Wednesday night. It’s tough to complain, sitting at 12-1, but the season has featured a fair share of road bumps. In order for Duke to have success in what may be the most talented ACC Conference of all-time, a few things must be straightened out. Here are my New Year’s Resolutions for this potent Duke Basketball team:
1) Embrace the Hate
I don’t want to talk too much about the Grayson Allen narrative just because I think everyone has heard far more than enough, but it must be mentioned. Obviously, the media had a field day with Grayson’s lack of self-control, but in order for Duke to find success, they need to maintain chemistry and composure. When Grayson returns to the lineup, which I would expect to be fairly soon, the youngsters need to see a good response from their captain. He needs to feed off of the hate, cause it ain’t going anywhere. It would be a big positive for this team if Grayson would stop worrying so much about the media and his perception, and rather adopt a villain role on this roster, whether he truly is one or

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