Duke professors fight for equal benefits

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Duke university professors are fighting for equality.
The university has two main types of professors – regular and non-regular.
Regular professors are considered full times and receive full benefits. Non-regular are first brought in to a work for a semester and not meant to be full time.
“We represent Duke in the classroom like any other faculty. When we walk into our classroom, we feel like we are held to the highest standards and we deliver at those high standards,” said lecturing fellow Peter Pihos.

Non-regular professors have contracts, which renew periodically. But some of them work for the university for substantial amounts of time, in some case as long as five years straight.
Non-regular professors don’t get the same benefits and time off as regular professors.
“I wasn’t able to take leave, paid or unpaid, when my daughter was born this past fall,” Pihos said. “Rather than

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