Dad killed 5-year-old son, buried him in backyard, police say

DEKALB COUNTY, Georgia (WGCL/CNN Newsource) – Police said an Atlanta-area father beat his 5-year-old son to death with a shovel earlier this week and then buried him in a backyard.

Neighbor Hoke Johnson recalled the chaotic scene Wednesday night when police said the incident happened.


“The little baby is gone now,” Johnson said. “I didn’t even really want to know how he died.”

WGCL-TV was told the 5-year-old’s mother and grandmother went to run errands. The father – 25-year-old Montrais Boyd – was with the children at home, officials said.

“When they arrived home from running errands, the grandmother entered the house and was told by the younger siblings that the father had killed the 5-year-old,” Campbell said.

The mother went to look for the child and found him buried in the backyard by his father, police said.

“The father had bludgeoned the child with a shovel to the point where the child was partially decapitated,” Campbell said.

Police said the boy was living with his grandmother, and that his parents are visiting from California.

No one else in the home was hurt.

The house belongs to the boy’s grandmother and the other children are Boyd’s younger siblings.

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