Cumberland County town cleans up following damaging storms

STEDMAN, N.C. (WNCN) – Cleanup is underway in Cumberland County Thursday after several homes and businesses were damaged as a storm passed through the area Wednesday night.

Construction Crews returned to Stedman’s town hall at 8 a.m. to remove debris after a tree on the building.

Phillip Caulk is one of at least three residents on Glenmore Drive in Hope Mills where trees toppled their homes last night.


Caulk was actually outside enjoying a cigarette before the storm hit.

“It just came out of nowhere, just ‘bam.’ I was sitting on the front porch, no warning, nothing,” Caulk said.

His home now has extensive roof damage and more damage inside one of is bedrooms.

Just three doors down from Caulk, another tree lays on Rick Taylor’s home.

Taylor was at work during the storm but he came home to complete disarray.

“My bedroom is lost, sheet rock everywhere, installation, roof busted, bed messed up, dressers gone,” Taylor said.

Damage from Wednesday night’s high winds and thunderstorms is scattered throughout the county.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

The tree damage at Stedman’s town hall building really caught people off guard.

Betty Carr, a nearby business owner said, “I thought that our windows were gonna shatter. We all got in the hall and then a lady who was having trouble with her car, jumps out and runs inside for safety.”

Emergency management officials say although you can never anticipate the impact of a storm before hand, preparation is key. Always pay attention to the trees around your home and make sure your insurance is current.

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