Cary residents fight rezoning for townhomes in downtown neighborhood

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – People who live on Urban Drive in downtown Cary are fighting hard against a proposal to rezone a plot of land for five townhomes.

The plot itself is small and already has a home on it.

The Florwick family has rented the home for the past five years.

“We wanted to buy this house and restore it, and make it a strong staple of the neighborhood just like my neighbors have,” said Cris Florwick.

He works just down the road and his mother-in-law lives across the street.

“You’re pushing me out of the neighborhood and I live here, I work here. I mean it’s just not fair,” he said.

The property owner they rent from has bigger plans for the plot.

They’ve submitted a request to the town to rezone the 0.19 acres in order to build five townhomes that will each be three stories.

Florwick says this, along with a four-story condominium building planned for the street corner, is too much change.

“It just doesn’t fit into the neighborhood,” he said.

At last week’s public hearing on the rezoning request, around a dozen neighbors voiced their dissent.

“There is flooding already on Waldo and Webster. This does not help that. Where’s the runoff going?” posed one neighbor.

Town leaders say the proposal is in line with their vision for the future of Cary.

Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said the following on his blog:

“Most of the complaints wanted denial of the proposal and the property to remain single family residential. This can be interpreted to be in conflict with the Cary Community Plan approved in January. The Cary Community plan was three years in the making and was created mostly by the citizens of Cary.”

“I think that if it was done on a smaller level that it would be a lot more acceptable,” said Florwick.

Knowing they might not be able to stay in their home, the Florwicks are now looking to buy a different house in the neighborhood. They hope the community they know and love won’t disappear with development.

The rezoning request has been referred to Cary’s Planning and Zoning Board. They will discuss the matter and then send it back to town council with their recommendation.

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