Cary approves controversial affordable housing development

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — After months of debate, more affordable housing will be coming to Cary.

The Town Council voted 5-2 Thursday night to approve a rezoning that will allow Habitat for Humanity of Wake County to build seven homes on Trimble Avenue near Chatham Street.

Neighbors were concerned when the project called for more than triple that amount of housing units, saying the plan didn’t make sense and didn’t fit with the neighborhood. They’ve also been concerned about development leading to flooding during storms.

“And, it’s clearly obvious to me that it wasn’t handled right from the get-go. And, that’s what the problem is,” said Darrell Stover. “My family would be first to volunteer to build Habitat for Humanity’s houses if it’s done right.”

Leaders of Habitat for Humanity say the project will help address the shortage of affordable housing in Cary. Across Wake County that issue has been a concern for years, magnified recently by the plight of people living in an apartment community in Garner. They’re being forced to move, but many neighbors are struggling to find new homes.

Some neighbors in Cary wanted more of their concerns addressed before council voted.

Council members considered tabling the vote to the end of July, but then determined they were unlikely to learn any new information that would substantively affect the decision.

“We’re excited about the vote. You know, it’s been a long process, but we’ve always said it’s a good process. I think things are thoroughly vetted,” said Kevin Campbell, President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Wake County.

Campbell says the sale of the land could be finalized in late August, and construction on the new homes could start in nine months to a year.


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