Car vending machine appears to be coming to Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Vending machines give you all sorts of options these days, and now one of those options could be a car.
Raleigh is one of the latest cities that appear to be getting a car vending machine from the company “Carvana.”
(David Hurst | CBS North Carolina)The company will not confirm they’re coming to an area, but a skeleton which appears to be a car vending machine is being built on Navaho Drive.
Development permits indicate the company is building there and Carvana signs have been posted around the construction site. A billboard has also been up for several weeks on I-440 saying a car vending machine is coming.
“I think it’s pretty futuristic; it seems like a pretty cool idea,” said Brianna DeChant, of Raleigh. “I think Raleigh is trying its best to be a more innovative city, so this goes along with that theme.”
Carvana is a used car

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