Our son is a pretty gosh darn picky eater. He eats chicken nuggets, hot dogs, apple slices, potato chips, cheese sticks and carrot sticks. Some types of crackers. And of course fruit snacks and cookies and candy…. But NOTHING green.
We’ve tried many different approaches. Giving him the same foods as us and nothing else, giving him food he wants and also the foods we eat, and after months years way too long of being patient, he tried broccoli the other night. My husband told him to try the broccoli if he wanted more noodles. Same thing we tell him most nights. To get more _____, you need to try _____.
It went in, he chewed, and swallowed. Then proceeded to announce that he did not like broccoli because it tickles your mouth. It tickles your mouth!
I feel like this is progress. Maybe its only a tiny step of progress, but its going in the right direction. Right? Lets hope so. And. Maybe it won’t take years to get a green vegetable in him (fingers crossed) next time.
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