Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Race 13.1 Durham Half Marathon Race Recap

I’ve never run a half marathon this late in the year, so when I signed up for the Race 13.1 in Durham, a December race, I knew I was likely looking at a cold run. The morning of the race it was a crisp 22 degrees. When I arrived there were about people near the starting line listening to a DJ Pdogg and doing warm ups lead by an instructor from O2 fitness. It was certainly a cold morning, but I liked the positive energy. I even saw Santa in the mix taking time to pose for pictures with runners.  Just before the start I scanned the crowd it looked like a nice showing of runners. Ultimately I think the cold may have kept a few runners at home that day, but according to the final results there were roughly 870 half marathon runners, 276 10k runners and 150 5K runners.

The race started from the North Gate Shopping Mall off of Guess Road a little north of Downtown Durham. The course itself winded through a combination of streets bordering Duke’s East Campus and some extended jaunts along the Ellerbe Creek Greenway. I didn’t have a time goal in mind for this race. I just really wanted to enjoy the experience. Ultimately I decided to stick with the two hour pace group as I figured that would be a good steady pace I could realistically maintain and enjoy the run while at the same time making me working hard enough to work up a good sweat and keep my body warm.

The pace group I hitched up with was great and they kept us right at the 9:08 minute per mile pace the entire time. I was surprised as the race wore on that I was in fact quite comfortable with the temperature. It was actually so cold that at a few of the aid stations

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