Bigfoot sightings in Littleton prompt museum of the unusual

LITTLETON, N.C. (WNCN) — In a small North Carolina town, something big is spooking residents.
Multiple people have claimed to see a large, furry looking animal trudging through the woods in the Halifax County town. There’s now even a museum dedicated to the sightings of what some are calling a Bigfoot.
“I literally could see him from all the way over here. I started hearing it, hearing it,” said Tifanie Merrill, who saw the creature from her kitchen window early one morning.
“It was very large, and its hair was super long and it was running so fast,” said Merrill.
She described it as a large gorilla, weaving through the trees in her back yard, crushing large branches in its way. She notified Stephen Barcelo, who lives down the street, and investigates strange sightings like Merrill’s.
“Right away I said, “Could it have been a guy, a hunter in a ghillie suit, or a bear?”’

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