As Requested the NEW Dukeblogger HYPE Video for Duke Basketball

Like most college and pro sports the end of games does not mean the end of activity. The term off-season has become antiquated in sports because as we all know as soon as the last second ticks off the clock the preparation for the next season begins – in all honesty it’s going on throughout the season but it becomes the full priority after the last game. For players it becomes a time to mentally prepare for the season ahead  in terms of healing, resting, figuring out next moves and what will make the next campaign a more successful one. For coaches it’s hitting the recruiting trail, its trying to hold together the core of your team and fill spots in a way that you account for the previous years deficit or make up for players that either graduate, transfer or leave early.
The coaching staff at Duke knew ahead of time they would be losing star Brandon Ingram after his freshman season. With Ingram it was sort of an, “If all goes well, we won’t see you next year” – not in a negative way as it would mean that he lived up to expectations and was assured a very

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