Army veteran wants stolen medals back after home burglarized

PICKERINGTON, OH (WCMH) – A 24-year-old Army veteran is hoping to get his service medals returned after someone burglarized his home Tuesday.
The home is located at 10057 Wright Road. The daytime break in happened while Ryan Hahn and his two roommates were at work.
“My roommate Max called me and told me someone had broken into the house and stolen my safe full of guns,” said Hahn.
Whoever it was knew about the security cameras that watched the main road, garage and back deck.
Hahn believes they used an empty home next door to shield their entry into a lower level door located under the deck.
The gun cabinet, which weighed close to 400 pounds, contained a handful of weapons. Some of them had sentimental value.
“The 1911 that I had gotten was the first gun I ever got,” said Hahn. “And it was a gift from my mom. She’d given it to me for

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