Apex mom turns to Facebook to help resolve daughter’s bullying issue

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) – An Apex mother took to Facebook after she says her daughter’s Wake County middle school didn’t take a bullying incident seriously.

Thirteen-year-old Madilyn Hardin says the same student has been bullying her since the 5th grade.

“I feel just like my power was taken away, but I knew I shouldn’t have felt like that, but I was just kind of through with it,” Madilyn said. “Three years is kind of ridiculous, I just didn’t understand, why me?”


Madilyn is a 7th grade student at Salem Middle School.

Madilyn and her mom say the school did meet with the bully back in the 5th grade. They say the situation never improved and things escalated Monday.

“This girl yelled openly for many to hear, ‘Why don’t you just go kill yourself?’ and that to me was the camel. That was it that was the straw,” said Madilyn’s mother, Renee Hardin.

Madilyn then met with the assistant principal.

“He did tell me that this person is just gonna be her and we can’t change her and in my head I’m like, ‘is this seriously what you’re telling me?’ I’ve heard this from so many counselors before you,” Madilyn said.

Renee decided to post the story on a Cary mom’s group on Facebook.

“It hurt my soul and what really hurt me is there were 325 other moms that took the time to write me and I wasn’t the only one,” said Renee. “I’m appalled. I’m disgusting. Kids are killing themselves.”

Since she posted on Facebook, the principal called her back and promised to handle it, even setting up a meeting to talk about it more.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if I did not post that I would’ve been emailing and trying to get a meeting,” Renee said. “My husband would’ve had to email. It would’ve been a constant battle to get this to move forward.

CBS North Carolina reached out to the Wake County Public School System. They confirmed a bullying complaint was made Monday at Salem Middle School and that the principal is conducting a thorough investigation.

Renee Hardin started her own Facebook group called “Squeaky Wheel Movement Cary NC” where she hopes other parents will share their children’s bullying stories.

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