$58k in jewelry among items stolen in 8 Cary home thefts this month

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — Victims of a rash of break-ins in Cary say they feel violated after a stranger went through their personal belongings.

Police say there have been eight total incidents this month.

Cary police say there were three break-ins which all happened the same day this week. That brings the total break-ins number in Cary to eight in the last 30 days.


“It’s very scary to walk into your house and know someone has been there that doesn’t belong there,” said Lori Millette.

Millette says she came home from work Monday to find someone broke into her back door with a crowbar.

She says the crooks went through her bedroom and all of her personal belongings.

Millette says she then realized her friend’s home was also hit right next door.

“Panic. I’m like ‘Oh my goodness’ this could not be possible in our neighborhood,” said Betty Behrns.

Behrns was house-sitting in Fuquay Varina she says when she got the call her home was broken into from her friend, Millette.

She had to come back to find someone had gone through her home. She says she is realizing as the days go by all the things that have been stolen from her.

Luckily both Millette and Behrns say not much was stolen, but not everyone in Cary has been so lucky.

“Unfortunately the thing taken was the most valuable thing in the house,” said Venkata Kosuri.

Police say crooks stole $58,750 worth of goods from Kosuri. Kosuri says it was mainly gold jewelry.

What’s even worse is Kosuri’s family thinks they were in the home with the crooks at one point in the night.

He’s since armed his home with a security system.

And for Millette and Behrns they say they both count they’re blessings no one got hurt.

Police have not released any information on possible suspects or if they think these incidents are connected.

They do say during the summer months when people are on vacation and leave their homes empty, communities need to be vigilant and call police if anything seems suspicious in their neighborhoods.

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