2016 TBS Road to Memphis Fundraiser

01/07/2017 to 01/07/2017 –

Congratulations to the 2016 winners, Ruth Wyand in the solo/duo category and Good Rocking Sam in the band category. Help send this talent to the national competition in Memphis end of January.

Good Rocking Sam
2016 TBS Blues Challenge winners in the band category, GRS is a blues/r & b/roots outfit out of Durham, NC, home of the Piedmont Blues. GRS is big into the blues, but doesn’t really call itself a blues band, they just take it all in and try to put something original back out…blues, Memphis soul, Motown, New Orleans, some old funk mixed up and served out to the world-wide internet.

Ruth Wyand performs a range of originals, classics, and blues to acoustical versions of Jimi Hendrix songs. Drawing on American roots music to frame her lyrics, she demonstrates her strengths as a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. 

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